The Restaurant

WONGS is a renowned Chinese Restaurant in Bristol specializing in historical and traditional Chinese cuisine. It is our intention not only to provide the local Chinese community with the most authentic Chinese cuisine; but also for everyone to discover something new about Chinese cuisine. We hope that you enjoy the experience.

WONGS gathers the best dishes from the eight main different Chinese culinary regions. This provides variety in our dishes as well as maintaining many of the truly historical Chinese dishes that have been enjoyed for many centuries. In order for WONGS to achieve a truly authentic taste, we source the freshest ingredients and seasonings from around the globe as well as from China. The spirit and ethos of the restaurant comes from Annie, who has over thirty years of experience in Chinese cuisine. All of this has created a truly boutique Chinese restaurant.



BBC The Best British Takeaway 2017:

Best Chinese Food Winner

Bristol Good Food Awards 2014:

Best Chinese Restaurant

Bristol Good Food Awards 2013:

Best Chinese Restaurant

Bristol Good Food Awards 2012:

Best Chinese Restaurant